As businesses start to return to the workplace as normal, there will still be a lot that is not normal. At first, you may see desks have moved, there are set ways to walk around the workplace and there will be social distancing measures on place too. There may also be staggered shifts with your colleagues starting and finishing work at different times to you.

These will be some short term changes that may return to ‘normal’ after the pandemic has gone and the government guidelines are removed around the lockdown.

However, there will also be some changes in the workplace that will be here to stay. In this blog post we look at what the two biggest changes for the post-lockdown workplace. We also share ways that will help you with adapting to the post-lockdown workplace.

  1. Less Informal Chats Face to Face

As desks will be spread further apart, due to social distancing, it will be harder to have informal chats at your desk. It will be the same for those chats around the water cooler, or catch ups in the kitchen. Hot desking where multiple employees used the same desk and equipment may now be a thing of the past too, as the government encourage employees all have their own equipment.

2. See Colleagues Less

You may find you are now working different hours and shifts to your colleagues. This is a way that businesses are choosing to reduce the density of employees in the workplace at one time. For a time you will only see the colleagues that are working the same hours as you. Some businesses are deciding if employees working from home on a more permanent basis after lockdown too. This means that those colleagues you saw every day, you may now only see at large business meetings and Christmas parties.

Adapting To The Post-Lockdown Workplace

These changes will result in a less interactive and engaging environment. Some people will love these changes, but for other people these changes will be a real struggle. All workplaces will have a mix of employees. This means every business will have employees that will embrace the change and other employees that will need help to adapt.

Some people love a team-based environment. It is this environment that helps them shine and thrive. Work for these people is completed by brain storming with others, thinking out loud and talking through ideas with colleagues. These people will have to find tools they can use to keep the team environment that helps them thrive in the workplace.

Then there are the more introverted employees. These employees get on great at work when they are working on individual tasks. Employees like this enjoy their privacy and are happy to make their own decisions without the input of the team. The introverts in your workplace will welcome these new changes. However, they may need some encouragement to ensure they don’t close themselves off from the business entirely.