Boosting Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health is a topic that is becoming more commonly spoken about. The awareness of mental health in the workplace is more prevalent too. Mental health can have a huge impact on the physical health of an individual. Poor mental health will affect an individual at home and work.

In this blog post we share some top tips and ideas for boosting mental health in the workplace.

  • Get Talking

It can be hard to open up and talk about your mental health. As an employer you could put up posters of charities and organisations that employees can talk to privately, if they would like to. As an employee look for people you feel able to talk to about how you feel. By talking to people that will listen and support you, you will find it to be a real weight off your shoulders.

  • Take A Break

Many people underestimate the power of time away from the desk. Whether this is as small as having lunch away from your desk, or taking a day off every now and again, just for you. This time away will really help you. It gives you time to recharge yourself and switch off from work, if only for a short time. As an employer, if you see employees working from their desks at lunch, encourage them to take a break. Remind them that their mental health is more important than the work. Check they have not got too much work as well.

  • Be Active

Regular exercise is a great way to boost mental health. When looking at boosting mental health in the workplace, through being active, there are a few things you could consider. For example, a weekly badminton match, walking team meetings and more. You could create step challenges for teams to compete against each other. Exercise helps boost your mental health through better sleep quality, stress reduction, increased concentration and more.

  • Caring for Others

When you look out for others, not only do those people feel better, but you do too. Caring for others can give you a sense of purpose and boost your self-esteem. Through caring for others, it will make them smile. In turn, this will make you smile too. As an employer, why not have regular days throughout the year when, as a company, you have a charity day or similar?

  • Relationships

Staying in touch with friends, family and work colleagues is really important for good mental health. This is especially the case when you are unable to see these friends, family members and colleagues. Set yourself a list of people to stay in touch with, send a weekly check-in text. Alternatively, you could set a date each month when you will call them.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to speak out and ask for help if you can feel your mental health is struggling.