Considering Taking A Career Break?

We’ve all thought about taking a break from it all from time to time. But are you seriously considering taking a career break? Or have you just got a pipe dream, but never quite make the jump to make it? Whether it’s dream of travelling the world, looking after the children full time, volunteering for a charity abroad or caring for an elderly relative – career breaks are possible.

Employees are becoming more and more progressive. They know when they have good talent in their team, and they want to keep it. If you want to take a career break for a few months or even a year, they are likely to support you. Your employer knows you are good at what you do and will be happy to hear your plans. They can then book a temporary worker while you are away. Your employer will appreciate your honesty.

A good employer also knows that they can gain more from you through a career break. You will become a well-rounded employee; a hardworking employee and you’ll be full of fresh ideas too. During the career break you could learn new skills and initiatives and come back to the business bursting with positivity.

So, how could you go about considering taking a career break?

A Sabbatical

If you find the idea of resigning a bit too much, why not speak to your employer about a sabbatical? You may find this is something your employer can offer you and it will guarantee your role until your return at an agreed time. This will give you a chance to take a step back from work and decide what you really want to do. Be proactive with your time off, think about your future and how you want your future career to look.

Assess Your Finances

While it may sound obvious, it is sometimes forgotten. Don’t forget to check you can afford to take unpaid leave. And, that you can afford to do the things you want when on unpaid leave. For example, if you have rent or a mortgage to pay, but you also want to travel the world – what can you do to afford both? Could you rent out your home, or use savings for the travelling? If you want to work for a charity abroad you may find they are able to help you with funding for this, to reduce the cost of the experience. Some charities will be able to offer flights and accommodation too.

Skill Building

Make sure that you use your time away from work to build your skills. Remember that even travelling the world can give you opportunities to build your skills. Focus on those soft skills like communication and time management. You may also learn a new language or learn strong caring skills when looking after others. These are all great skills that will stand you in good stead with an existing or future employer.

When it comes to career breaks, it’s your choice if it’s a real thing for you, or just a pipe dream. There is no right or wrong way to go about a pipe dream. It’s just about getting it right for you. You know what you want and how best to get it. Think about how long your career break needs to be, to fulfil all your dreams and goals – then speak to your employer and see what they think.

If you’re returning to work from a career break and need help finding your next challenge; contact our team.