Could You Offer Hybrid Working?

When it comes to attracting candidates and retaining talent within your business, hybrid working is something you should consider. Many of us have spent time working from home, and we have got used to it. As a business owner, you need to ask yourself if you need a full team in the office 5 days a week.

Of course, there are some roles that are difficult to offer working from home options. However, if you can, you might be interested in the benefits available to you. Just from offering hybrid working.

We have already mentioned the benefit of hybrid working as a way to attract new talent and retain existing talent. It gives your employees the chance for a better work life balance and they’ll save on commutes and travel too.

There is a real shortage of skilled candidates at present. Vacancies are high in the UK, and unemployment figures are low. This means it will be getting harder to find the right talent for your business. It’s not just about offering the best salary and additional benefits now. Candidates have the advantage. This means that they can be selective about who they choose to work for and why.

If you are able to offer hybrid working or remote working, your talent pool will really grow. You can have employees from all over the globe. Imagine how that diversity and different backgrounds will positively impact your team and your business.

Businesses that are able to genuinely offer hybrid, flexible or remote working will be able to attract a greater pool of talent. They’ll also be able to hold onto their talent. This is because they are happy in the position that they’re in, working flexibly in the way they do.

Mental wellbeing is so important. There is a lot of focus on mental wellbeing in the media and this is something that candidates are looking for. If you are able to offer flexible working patterns alongside your wellbeing policy, you will be more likely to attract candidates to your job vacancies. You will be seen as a company that cares about your team. This goes a long way when clients are choosing who to work with too.

If you are currently recruiting and need help finding the right candidates for your business, call us. We can help you advertise the vacancy in the best possible way. Our team of professional recruitment consultants can then help with the interview process and we will screen all the candidates for you too.