It’s the question we all dread at interview – and just when it was going so well! You have created an amazing CV, written a fantastic covering letter, and even aced the telephone interview, but now it boils down to the million-dollar question…’What is your biggest weakness?’ Arggghhhh, it seems so unfair to be asked this, after all, who wants to talk about a weakness when you’re trying to impress your potential employer and convince them that you’re the right person for the job! Fear not, we have a list of do’s and don’ts that will get you through…


Do talk about an area which has been a weakness in the past, but which you have worked hard to correct. Maybe you have now developed a strategy to cope with it, or had training to improve it, or simply time and experience has taught you how to deal effectively with it.

Do talk about a weakness which could be seen as a benefit to your potential employer. If you have a habit of getting caught up in the details, this could be a huge benefit for an accounts or admin job – who doesn’t want an employee with a fantastic eye for detail? Think about how your weakness could be given a positive spin.

Do discuss an area which has no, or very little bearing on the role that you are interviewing for. For example, you may hate public speaking – this is fine to mention as a weakness if your role is never required to do a presentation.


Don’t talk about skills which do not play a role in your professional life. Your employer does not need to know that your one big weakness is your two left feet whenever you hit the dancefloor, or that you can’t even cook toast!

Don’t tell the interviewer that you are perfectionist – they have heard that line more times than they have had hot dinners! Instead of impressing, it sounds unoriginal and unconvincing.

Don’t say that you have no weaknesses – everyone has weaknesses – even Superman has Kryptonite! Saying you have none or that you can’t think of any sounds as though you have something to hide or that you just haven’t put any thought or preparation ahead of the interview.

We hope that this has given you a few ideas to get you started. If you want to discuss this or any other aspect of interview, please do get in touch with our team – we are here to set you up for success!