We have all heard the saying that first impressions count. Perhaps this couldn’t be truer for interviews and first impressions. In fact, 2,000 bosses were surveyed and 33% of them confirmed that they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview if they will not hire the candidate for the job.

Based on the fact that the average interview lasts around 40 minutes, this is a pretty quick snap decision. It really does show the importance of how much first impressions count for interviews.

The research of the 2,000 bosses went on to report that these first impressions are formed by the impact of the candidate comes in three different ways. These are what the candidate says, their grammar and confidence of the candidate and the way the candidate presents themselves.

  • 7% of the overall impression of the candidate comes from what the candidate actually says and the words that they use.
  • 38% of the overall impression of the candidate comes from the quality of the voice, their use of grammar and their overall confidence in their voice.
  • 55% of the overall impression of the candidate comes from the way they act, the way they dress and even as early as they way that the candidate walks through the door into the interview.

It’s important to think about the clothes that you wear for an interview too. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts you need to wear clothes that are clean, crease free and fresh smelling. These clothes also need to be fur free and stain free to make the best first impression.

However, you need to think about the clothes that you choose to wear to an interview too. The bosses surveyed agreed that very bright colours were a turn off for interviews. Meanwhile 70% of employers claimed that they didn’t want applicants to wear fashionable or clothes of the latest trends. Instead they wanted candidates to dress in correct interview attire to make the best possible first impression.

Perhaps more importantly, 65% of bosses said that the clothes worn by candidates could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates when choosing which candidate should be offered the job.

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