First Steps To Bagging That Dream Job

Here at Point Recruitment we work with our candidates to help them understand what their dream job could be. Then we help them with bagging that dream job. In some cases you may need to do temp work to gain the experience in the industry that you need to get that dream job. However we can help you with that too!

In this blog post we help you with those first steps to help you in bagging that dream job.

It is important that you remember an employer spends an average of 5 to 7 seconds skim reading your CV. Make sure what you need the employer to see is clearly marked and it stands out. You need to grab the employers’ attention quickly, for all the right reasons.

Remember to keep your social profiles professional too. 98% of hiring managers will check out your LinkedIn pages before they invite you for an interview, or before your interview takes place. Make sure that your presence on LinkedIn shows you in the best possible light. Make sure your other social media profiles are professional or locked down as potential employers will check those too. In fact 42% of recruiters will look at your Twitter account. Meanwhile 33% of recruiters will look at your profile on Facebook.

Recruiters are put off by generic CVs or shoddy CVs. We would recommend when applying for your dream job you include in your CV or cover letter why you want to work for this company and why you want this job. This shows the recruiter you have researched the company and are serious about working for them.

50% of recruiters stated that the worst thing a candidate can do in a CV is make spelling mistakes. We would highly recommend that you proofread your CV but also ask someone else to check it too. This way you can be sure that there are no spelling mistakes.

If you want help finding or bagging that dream job then check out our current job vacancies or give us a call. Our team of friendly recruitment consultants in Huntingdon will be only too happy to help.