Five Fantastic Tips For Attracting Talent To Your Small Business

Whatever shape or size your business may be, we all know that you need great employees to have a great business. When you have employees that are focused, talented and motivated your business is far more likely to succeed. Attracting talent is important, but how can you attract talent to your small business?

  1. Look At Your Approach

Think first about how to retain the talent you have, instead of attracting talent. While this may seem obvious, it is something many business owners often forget. By ensuring your existing employees are happy will create a better culture for when new employees enter the business. This means you keep your existing talent and retain new talent too.

  1. Develop The Company Culture

Identify what your company culture is, and look at ways this can be developed and improved. Talk to your employees to see what makes them happy and how you can do more of this in the workplace. The happier your employees are, the more likely they are to talk and your company culture will spread across the industry. This means you’ll be attracting talent with ease.

  1. Define The Job

You need to clearly define the job role you need new talent for. Ensure you are very clear, accurate and focused on what the job entails. Explain what you will offer and what they will need to bring to the table. Include details about the company culture, the opportunity for training and progression too. Remember – the higher quality the advert, the higher calibre the candidates.

  1. Target Individuals

Think about where the right people for your business are and where you can find them. Will there be a certain website of interest, a social media platform that they use, magazine they read? You need to make sure the right people see your advert. A good job advert in the wrong place will be pretty much ineffective.

  1. Refine Your Recruitment Process

Posting a great advert and getting superb talent applying is a great start, but what happens next? If the candidates are expected to do a phone interview, 3 interviews with different managers, a walk round interview, a presentation, a video interview. Plus 2 more interviews then you will lose your candidate. Make sure you or the interviewer is prepared for the interview to so you come across professional. Learn about the candidate before they arrive so they feel valued.


If you need help attracting and hiring talent for your small business, then please give us a call. Recruitment is a full-time job and it is what we do for a living!