Five Skills Demanded In 2020

There are emerging technologies and changing attitudes all the time. The world is changing and business owners know that they need to keep up with these changes. We recently came across a report from the World Economic Forum. This report predicts that there are five skills that will be in huge demand from employers into 2020 and beyond. These 5 skills demanded in 2020 are as follows;

Problem Solving

Machines are able to solve daily and repetitious challenges. However, humans are still needed for long-term and more complex problems. There is an increased focus on employers looking to hire candidates with strong problem solving skills.

Critical Thinking

Workers of the future will not only need to think logically but they will need to be able to demonstrate their critical thinking to a potential employer. If a candidate can think logically and explain their reasoning to the employee, they will be a very popular candidate to a potential employee.


Creativity is going to be a hugely sought after skill in 2020 and in the future. While machine learning algorithms are good at spotting trends in data, machines are not great at extrapolating new conclusions. This is likely to be a domain for creative human workers for the foreseeable future.

People Management

Organisations will continue to need strong leaders with good people management skills. Employers are particularly looking for candidates that can motivate employees, build good team morale and inspire creativity among their colleagues.


Employees will always be working in teams. It doesn’t matter if your employees work from home, on the office or on the road. Somehow they will be an essential part of a team within a business. The skill and ability to collaborate with other people from different backgrounds is an essential skill in any workplace.

Do you think there are any other skills that will be in demand for 2020? Are there any essential skills needed in your business that you think we should add to the list?