Has Brexit Affected Hiring Decisions?

LinkedIn recently completed a Recruiter Sentinent survey and this looked at HR and recruiters’ hiring decisions. Their confidence in their ability to find good quality candidates and fill job roles, positions and vacancies in line with global employment trends.

A whopping 96% of HR professionals felt that leaving the EU will affect their current hiring decisions and strategies. Also way they attract, recruit and retain employees to their business. The results of the survey made for a very interesting read, some of the results we have shared below with you;

Factors That Affect Hiring Post-Brexit

40% of recruiters felt that post Breixt there would be a lack of availability of talent. 38% were concerned about business uncertainty. 36% felt there would be reluctance for potential candidates and future employees to move to the UK. And 28% of HR professionals and recruiters were concerned there would be additional competition from international businesses.

How do you feel Brexit has and will affect your hiring?


A Year until Brexit

With less than a year until Brexit and Britain’s departure from the EU, HR professional and recruiters were asked for their opinions. 44% of respondents said that they felt the UK is now less attractive to EU candidates. 28% of respondents felt that the UK is now less attractive to candidates from the rest of the world. Meanwhile respondents felt that candidates and potential future employees were reluctant to move to London.

Do you feel things have changed with less than a year to go until we leave the EU?


Which Industries Are Worst Affected?

The industries that are thought to be most affected when it comes to hiring post-Brexit are healthcare, manufacturing, construction, education, banking and finance, and retail.

Which industries do you think will struggle the most due to a lack of candidates post Brexit?


Interestingly, despite concerns around the impact of Brexit, the report showed that 71% of talent professionals currently felt very or extremely confident about their ability to recruit the right talent. While 48% of recruiters have seen an increase in hiring during the first quarter of 2018.

How has Brexit affected your business and hiring? If you need help with your hiring or recruitment process to find the right talent for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your concerns.