Due to the third lockdown, many of us have a lot of extra time on our hands. But how can you put these spare time to good use? Why not put your mind to some high demand skills that you can learn from home? This will boost your skills and maximise the vacancies available to you.

By having high demand skills you can learn from home you will not only increase your chances of getting a new job, but it’s likely you could get paid more too!

A New Language

The ability to speak a second language is an undeniable skill for many job roles and employers. Whether you are looking to work abroad or for an international company, a second language will come in really handy. A fluency in other languages will always help to open the door for new career possibilities and opportunities too.

Social Media

The world is becoming more digital. This means more businesses need these skills. With the growth of social media as a marketing tool a candidate with social media skills and knowledge will be very useful to a business. Even if the role isn’t purely social media based, having this skill to help the business grow will be of huge benefit to a forward thinking smaller business, and larger businesses too. While larger companies will have employees devoted to social media marketing, a lot of smaller businesses will need to use the skills of the team.

Search Engine Optimisation

As with social media, search engine optimisation is a relatively new thing for some businesses. If you can help a small or medium business understand SEO this will be a huge plus on you as a candidate. Just like with social media, even if it’s not your main job role, smaller businesses will require SEO skills and knowledge in their teams. They may even be willing to pay more for a candidate that can bring these skills to their business while taking on another role.

Public Speaking

Learning the basics of public speaking will not just help you in a new job role; it will help you in your interview too. Learning how to do good public speaking is an invaluable skill. Some people are naturally confident and find public speaking easy. But proving you have completed training in this area will give you the green tick that could pop you above your competing candidates when applying for your next job role.

It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. It isn’t just about learning new skills; you need to work at them to get better. Make sure the new skills you learn are including in your CV, even if they don’t seem relevant to the job role you are applying for.