How Can a Recruitment Agency Save You Money - Recruitment Money Savers

We recently wrote a blog post that explained how using a recruitment agency could help you save time as a business, when hiring new employees for your business. In this blog post we would like to talk about how using a recruitment agency can actually help you save money for your business. We share some top recruitment money savers.

Often business owners think that using a recruitment agency in Huntingdon will add additional costs that are avoidable if the recruitment process is handled in house. However, there are short-term and long-term cost savings of using a recruitment agency for your recruitment needs, and these recruitment money savers as follows;

Short Term Cost Savings of Using a Recruitment Agency

  • You won’t need to pay membership and subscriptions of posting your job adverts online, or pay for job advertising as a whole, because the recruitment agency cover this cost for you.
  • Often the impact of hiring new employees is left on in-house employees who are then taken away from their usual duties to cover this area, which means their work is covered by someone else, or rushed – resulting in below standard work.
  • If in-house employees are used to help with the recruitment needs of the business then they may need to work extra hours and overtime, which will require extra pay for those employees.
  • As the business picks up and becomes busier, it can be cheaper to bring in temporary workers than paying existing employees to work overtime, which also reduces workplace morale as the work-life balance is disrupted.
  • Using a recruitment consultant will also reduce the risk and subsequent cost of hiring a bad employee, which can result in poor performance, training and re-hiring.

Long Term Cost Savings of Using a Recruitment Agency

  • If you use the same recruitment agency every time then  the agent will have a full understanding of your business, the types of employees you need and the skills needed for the role. This will speed up the recruitment process which will save you money as the person will be in the business sooner.
  • Using a professional recruitment consultant can reduce the cost of training because a recruitment consultant can give the candidate temp work in this area while they are job hunting, or by finding candidates that are experienced in these job roles.

If you like our recruitment money savers and would like to save money while recruiting, then why not contact us now. We would be happy to help you find the right candidates for you business.

However, if you’d like to know how to save time by using a recruitment consultant in Huntingdon, read this blog post.