How To Make Your Christmas Temp Job A Permanent Job

While it is important to note that a Christmas temp job is exactly that, a temp job, there is always an opportunity for this to become a permanent job. If you want to turn your Christmas temp job into a permanent one, then this is a must read blog post for you;

Know the Company

Just as you would when applying for a permanent job, get to know the company inside and out. By understanding the business, what they do, how and why, you will see if you fit with the company values. By working within the business you will also learn about the company and know more as time goes on. Pay attention to what is going on around you and this temp job could be your new career.

Have the Right Attitude

While you know it is a Christmas temp job, don’t act like it is just a temp job. Treat the opportunity as a job trial. Put as much care and attention into the job as you would if it was a permanent role. Make the best possible first impression to your line manager so if a permanent role comes up, they think of you.

Be Clear

If you would love to work for the company on a permanent basis, tell your line manager. This could be a quick chat in passing, or you could ask to have a meeting with them. Do this once you have been in the company a while and have proven yourself to be good at the job and an asset to the company. Don’t wait for your line manager to approach you, but let them know in case a permanent job comes up.

Be Proactive

You may be a Christmas temp, but you will have skills from other areas that you can use in this job. Don’t be afraid of showing initiative and being proactive to help the business or your colleagues. Show willing and enthusiasm, and help your colleagues if they are struggling and train and new temps if you can see they are unsure.

Look For Jobs

There will often be a job board inside larger companies that shows internal vacancies. Keep an eye on this job board as you may see a permanent vacancy that is suitable for you. Sometimes these internal job vacancies never make it outside the business, so you will be the first to know about them, and you will have completed your ‘working interview’ so they know what you’re like.

If you are looking for temporary or permanent work this Christmas, please contact us directly. We will help you find your dream job.