How To Make Your New Employee Feel Welcome

First days at a new job, at a new school, or in a group or club are always pretty overwhelming aren’t they? Can you remember your first day at a new job? Was the first impression what you would have hoped for… and are you giving your new employees the best first impression of your business?

As a business owner or line manager you have complete control over your new employees first day and the first impression they have of your business. You can make sure that your brand new employee has the best possible first day and that they feel welcome in your business.

In this blog post we have put together some top tips and ideas to make your new employee feel welcome;

Be Prepared

Make sure that the new employee’s colleagues are expecting them. Get their desk ready with a computer set up, notepad, pen etc. If you want to go the extra mile why not give them their own mug for the office so they can have a cup of tea on their first day?

There is nothing worse than arriving at a job for the first day, nobody is expecting you and nothing is set up, so you’re popped on a seat in the corner with an employee handbook while everyone else scrambles around finding you a desk, chair, computer and phone.

Have A Tour

Take your new employee round the office, show them things like the kitchen and where they can put lunch they bring with them, where to put their coat, where the toilets are, who the different people in the team are and introduce them to their new colleagues too.

Remember, they won’t take it all in and remember everything so be approachable in case they have questions later. You need to include things like the fire exits, fire meeting points and first aid boxes as well.

Lots of Training

Try and arrange for your new employee to buddy up and shadow some of their colleagues for parts of the day so they can understand their job in the team, but also everyone else’s job roles. Don’t give them too much though, show them little snippets and give them small and simple tasks that will gently teach them about the business.

Don’t forget to show them things like your CRM systems, how the printer works, where the printer is, how to get into their emails or how to use the phone to call internally and externally. Things like this are different in every company, so will need to be shown.

Have a Mentor

If you cannot be the mentor for your new employee then select someone that can be their mentor. Make sure the mentor understands their role in advance and that they will be in the office for the first few weeks of the new employees time with your company.

This mentor should be someone friendly, someone that has knowledge of the business and someone that does not already have too much on their own plate. They need to have time for your new employee.


Make sure, as the business owner or line manager that you make time for the new employee too. A quick catch up at the end of the day or week, for feedback would be highly recommended. This way you can find out how your new recruit is getting on from the very beginning.