How To Make Your Recruitment Process More Inclusive

Improving diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace, starts with recruitment. As an employer, you need to evolve your recruitment strategy and processes to champion inclusion. In turn this will create a more diverse and productive workforce for your business.

It’s important that you don’t just make your recruitment process more inclusive for the outside world to see. You need to have a diversity, equality and inclusion support mechanism in the business too. This will help all employees through the onboarding process as they begin to start their career withing your company.

Organisations need to remember that recruitment is about finding the right person for the job. You should not hire arbitrarily to fulfil inclusive quotas. However, your recruitment process needs to be inclusive.

How often do you talk to your hiring department about making the recruitment process more inclusive? How is diversity and equality incorporated to make your recruitment process more inclusive? These are conversations that you need to have with employees involved in the hiring process within your organisation.

We have put together three ideas to help you make your recruitment process more inclusive:

  1. Inclusive Language in Job Descriptions

Take a step back from your job descriptions to audit them. Look at ways that they can be made more inclusive by changing the language or wording. You may notice that previously the language was, accidentally, targeted at a certain demographic. By changing this language not only will your make your recruitment process more inclusive, but you will open up your job roles to a fresh pool of talent too.

  • Unconscious Bias Training

Many of the biases that a lot of people have are unconscious. This means you might not even realise you are being bias. Why not consider implementing training for everyone involved in your recruitment, interviewing and hiring processes? This will help you spot and eradicate any unconscious bias to create a fairer hiring process for everyone.

  • Practice Blind Recruitment

Look at ways to practice blind recruitment in the early stages of the hiring processes. This means all names, ages, sex, pictures and more are removed from the CV. By scrutinising candidates in this way, you can create an equal playing field. By using a professional recruitment agency, like the team here at Point Recruitment, they can support you in managing a blind recruitment process.

With over 30 years in business, our recruitment agency in Huntingdon has placed thousands of candidates into temporary and permanent roles across Cambridgeshire. If you would like help to make your recruitment process more inclusive, call our team now.