How To Manage Remote Workers

We have been sharing tips for working at home and managing your mental health while working from home. However there is another challenge that some business owners are faced with. With employees working from home, managing your team is different to how it has ever been before.  It can be hard to know how best to manage remote workers.

You are used to seeing your team daily. This allows you to sense the mood of the workplace. You know if employees are struggling with their workload and if other employees can help. However, when it comes to managing remote workers, these things are not so obvious.

In this blog post we have put together some tips to help you manage remote workers within your business.

Be Transparent

Make sure that transparency is part of your culture. Invite feedback and questions from your team when setting them work to do remotely. By having as shared project you will be creating a feeling of trust and belonging. Take the time to ensure that your remote workers feel safe in these uncertain times.


Find ways to communicate with your team on a daily basis. While you want to be careful you do not micro-manage them, take the time to communicate with them like you would in the office. You may choose to set a weekly meeting, but outside that why not consider a virtual coffee and catch-up? An end of week catch-up is a good idea too so you can see how employees are coping and if they need additional time or support.

Online Training

Speak to your team about online training. There may be parts of their skills they would like to improve while they have extra time on their hands. You may also have employees that have been struggling with the new technology they now have to use on a daily basis. There are some brilliant online courses that share guidance for working from home too. Your employees may really appreciate being offered a course like this.

Create Chats

Your employees will be missing each other and what are commonly known as ‘water cooler chats’. Find ways to create these virtually. This could be a weekly team bonding event such as a quiz night or virtual bingo for example. Maybe plan a wine tasting night that people can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Find ways for the informal chats to take place so employees still feel like part of the business and their team.

How are coping with managing your team remotely?