How To Recruit Generation Z Candidates

Your future workforce will need candidates from the Generation Z age range. However it is important to note that candidates in this age bracket have different requirements from their employment. In this blog post we have put together some information about what Generation Z candidates are looking for and how you can attract these candidates to your business and job roles.

It is reported that 91% of Generation Z workers state that the technological sophistication of a company would impact their decision on working for a company. 56% of workers in this age range would rather a job description would be unique, as opposed to a generic job description that is used for multiple roles within a business or industry.

Generation Z candidates want to know that an employer is equality minded. In fact this is the number one factor for Generation Z candidates when it comes to trusting their employer. How can you prove to a candidate that you and your company are equality minded? A candidate in this age range will also want to work for an employer that is committed to environment programs and racial equality.

It is important to consider the length of your job adverts and job descriptions. A candidate in the Generation Z age range will be more visual. Therefore long and lengthy job descriptions and content will put your ideal candidate off. You may also want to consider utilising social media platforms as a way to advertise job roles and also to engage with potential candidates for your vacancies.

Research shows that 70% of Generation Z candidates will look at the reviews of a company before considering employment with them. They want to know they are working for a company that employees enjoying working for, and a company that offers a good service to its consumers.

You need to ensure that your recruitment process is well organised too. It is reported that a Gen Z candidate will be more likely to work for a business that gave them a poor experience as a job applicant. In fact, these candidates will also be less likely to purchase from this business in the future too.

Are you reading to recruit Gen Z candidates?