As the pandemic continues and businesses struggle, more and more people are being made redundant and losing their jobs. Some businesses have thrived during these uncertain times, but others haven’t and this is what has led to employee redundancies.

Losing your job is horrible, especially when the world is full of uncertainty. However, it’s important you find a way to start again after losing your job. This is what we talk about in this blog post. We share how to start again after losing your job.

Regardless of your current situation, now is a great time for reflection. If you have found yourself looking for a new job, for any reason, take a step back. You need to review and evaluate where you were at. Were you happy in your last job? Was it the job of your dreams? Did you look forward to work each day? Were you happy with the commute, pay and hours?

If the answers no, then you know what to avoid in your next job. While the company you worked for were struggling financially; were you struggling too?

It’s important you embrace change. You may need to think about changing industry or job roles. Maybe you have worked for small business and now need to look to a large organisation? Change doesn’t need to be a bad thing so make sure you embrace the possibility of change.

Put together a list of your skills, many of these skills will be transferable. Work through your recent job roles, the responsibilities you have taken on and the skills you have gained in each role. Remember, you will gain new skills through volunteer roles as well as full employment. It’s likely you’ll surprise yourself at just how many transferable skills you have.

Next, start a list of the jobs you can do with the skills you have. Think about different jobs in the same industry as well as the same and different jobs in different industries. Having to start again after losing your job doesn’t feel very nice, but something really good could come out of it.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep moving forward. Make sure your CV is up to date and share on social media that you’re looking for work. Ask LinkedIn connections if they know of anything. Speak to a local recruitment agency about the sort of work you are looking for.

Even tiny steps in the right direction will still help you when you have to start again after losing your job.