Sometimes we find ourselves in what is commonly known as a comfort zone. We are happy in what we do, and we are just plodding along nicely. However, sometimes we feel a need for more than that. If you’re feeling itchy or unsettled in your current career, then it may be that you are ready for a career change.

In this blog post we share just 5 questions with you that will help you tell if you are ready for a career change.

  • Do you feel bored or unchallenged?

If you find yourself on autopilot each day, then this could be a sign that you are ready for a career change. If you are starting to dread the mundaneness of the working week it could be because you are feeling bored or unchallenged. A new career could offer you the challenges and excitement that you are craving.

  • Do you feel burnt out?

Sometimes when you are in a job for a long length of time, you can become addicted to work. Maybe it’s finishing an hour late here or going in early there for example. These extra hours here and there can result in a loss of work-life balance. If you are feeling like you never get the chance to unplug from work and just have some downtime, then a career change could be on the cards for you.

  • Do you feel your talents are wasted?

Everyone has their own unique skills, experiences and strengths. However, if these special skills aren’t be using you can start to feel undervalued. If you have some amazing skills and strengths that you want to put to good use, then maybe a new career change is exactly what you need? A profession that is better suited to your skills could make you feel like a valued employee again.

  • Do you struggle on your current salary?

Maybe you’re looking to buy a home, get married, have children or just enjoy a nice lifestyle – but your salary isn’t matching your financial goals? If there is no room for a pay rise or growth within your existing job role, then going elsewhere could be the only option for you. Make sure that if you love your job and it is just the money, that you have a chat with your employer first to explain the situation.

  • Do you want to make an impact?

Are you desperate to make an impact in your local business community or the industry, but just don’t feel you have that opportunity in your current career? Switching to another company could give you the chance to make a real impact in the areas you want to. It’s all about making sure the values of your employer match your own values.

If you think you may be ready for a career change, call our team. We can discuss a potential career for you and help you land the job of your dreams.