How To Wow In Your CV

Looking for a job can be really difficult. Some people find applying for the job even harder. Let alone updating your CV and making sure it gets you noticed. In this blog post we share some top tips to help you wow in your CV. These top tips will ensure that any potential employers are wowed by your CV and desperate to offer you an interview.

  • Formatting

You need to make sure that your formatting is clear and concise. Use clear headings so a recruiter or employer can easily follow your CV and work history. Make it obvious when you change from talking about one job to the next. Bullet points are a really good way of doing this, especially when it comes to listing your skills or qualifications.

  • Structure

Structure your CV to suit your strengths. If you got really good grades in a subject that you know will be of interest to the employer, then put this at the top of your CV. If you have no work experience in the industry or job role, but have volunteer experience, put that above your work experience. It’s your CV and it’s there to sell you in the best possible light. You choose the structure that works best for your strengths to really wow the recruiter.

  • Tailoring

Make sure you tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. You can keep the basics of the CV the same but make changes to show your interest or relevance in the job you are applying for. If the job role requires management experience, for example, show this clearly in your CV. You could even highlight it. The aim of your CV is to show the recruiter you really are interested in the job role, why you’re interested and why you will be great in this position.

  • Keywords

Have some highlighted keywords in your CV. These should be the words that directly relate to the job or industry you are applying for. Take a look at the job description and the things that they specifically ask for from a potential candidate. Use these keywords in your CV and highlight them accordingly. This will help reassure the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job role.

  • Personal Statement

Everyone has a personal statement on their CV. However, it is normally very cliché and generic. Use this space to share information about you that will make you the best possible candidate for the job role. Summarise who you are, what career goals you have and what you can bring to the company and the role. This will really help you stand out and wow with your CV.

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