Our next forum in the series that we run for HR, we are working in conjunction with Giles Betts (Partner and Head of Employment) and Nicola Cockerill (Senior Solicitor) of Buckles Solicitors LLP to provide an HR/Employment Law Update.

Giles and Nicky will deliver an update on family friendly rights and work/life balance. They will consider the legal rights that employees have in terms of maternity, paternity and adoption and will consider how to deal with the practical issues that arise on a daily basis for HR professionals. For example, how do you respond to a request for flexible working? How do you manage an employee working from home? Should you have flexible working policies? Given the evolution of legislation and case law, and the cultural shift in employees seeking a better work/life balance, it is important that employers are aware of the rights of its workforce and feel confident in dealing with requests for flexibility.

Emma Thoday, HR Manager at the Coversure Insurance Services Group in Huntingdon will be presenting on how to introduce a Wellbeing strategy. Emma will provide advice and ideas on successful initiatives and how this can enhance your working environment.