Love The Job But Dread The Commute

There are loads of workers out there that absolutely adore the job that they do. However, getting the train at 5am for a 2hr journey to work, or sitting in traffic and being stopped at every red light can make a lot of people love their job less. The dread of the commute can often outweigh the love for the job.

Research shows that the average worker in the UK spends 1 hour and 38 minutes every day on a crowded train or sat in start-stop traffic. This is nearly a days’ worth of working hours every single week – just sat, waiting to get to work.

Lots of people really do not enjoy their commute to work. It feels like wasted time when they could be doing something else. However, by changing your mindset and the way in which you do your commute, you could find the commute much easier. Dare we say it, you might even start to enjoy the commute.

So, how can you make your commute to the job you love more productive and relaxing? Below we share some tips to reduce the dread of the commute.

  • Why not listen to a podcast? Podcasts are really growing in popularity and there is literally a podcast for every interest and hobby. You can enjoy a podcast anywhere, and just stop it and pick it back up when you’re starting and finishing each commute.
  • When was the last time you read a book? Many of us have a shelf full of books that we feel we just don’t have time to read. Now you do. Take your book on the train or bus with you and give yourself that time. If you’re driving, why not get audio versions of your favourite books?
  • Take the time to just unplug. We all spend so much of our waking lives attached to a mobile phone, screen or technology. Instead of checking social media, messaging friends and catching up on WhatsApp, just stop. Put your phone away and observe what is going on around you. This will help reduce your stress levels and it will boost your wellbeing too. Use the time to be aware of your surroundings and to allow your brain to think and relax.

If you are finding that the commute is impacting on the love of the job, then maybe it is time to consider a new job. Write down what you love about your job and speak to our team of recruiters in Huntingdon. Based on what you like, and don’t like, we can help you find the perfect next job – without the dread of the commute!