Without doubt, it is a tough challenge for any in-house recruitment team to attract and recruit the best possible talent for the business. Our team at Point Recruitment have the expertise to support you in your recruitment objectives, but there is also a lot that you can do as an employer to enhance that. More and more, recruiters are looking to elements of marketing strategy to optimise their recruitment strategy, and it certainly seems to be paying off. We have a few key tips to get you started…

  1. Know your ‘customer’

It is vital that you have a very clear picture of your ‘customer’, by which we mean, your candidate. Segment your candidates into categories by level of experience, specialism, are they millennials, Generation X or Y? And then look at types of benefit that may motivate and appeal to them. What would attract each customer type to your business? There are a whole host of messages/benefits that could appeal to each customer type ie

  • Career development/opportunities
  • Flexible working
  • Ability to input into the main agenda
  • Gym membership and wellness programmes
  • Childcare vouchers

Make sure these messages that you hope will resonate with your target audience are included in your recruitment materials and website. Also, tell our recruitment consultant the main key messages so they can include them in the advertising around your roles.

  1. Employer branding strategy

A strong employer brand helps differentiate a business from its competitors and attract talent, establishing the company as credible and professional. When we talk about employer branding it is not just the appearance of a brand i.e. logo and website, it is the whole package. From the physical elements, right through to the company values, culture and staff – how they ‘live and breathe’ the values of the company. A brand story works well in giving some background and highlighting the ‘mission’. This would also include how a company was established, what founding principles guide it, its motives and objectives – a great story inspires people to be part of an organisation.

  1. ‘Customer’ experience

Providing a great recruitment experience to your candidates with a high level of service, both friendly and professional with prompt and personalised communication is a big tick for hitting the right strategy. It creates a great impression of the type of culture the business has, which will not only attract great candidates but also make them want to sing the company’s praises to friends and family. On the flip side, a bad experience can quickly cause damage, if the candidate then chooses to vocalise this with friends and family, causing damage to your brand. Word spreads quickly in our digital age!

These 3 steps are of course only a taster of how you can create a strong employer brand, and it is certainly a topic which we would like to revisit in future blog posts, so please keep your eyes peeled!


As always, we are here to help support and advise you with your recruitment strategy, so please do get in touch if we can help 01480 431888