Point Professional Recruitment Ltd is an independent agency, providing a quality service to companies across the Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and surrounding areas.  We are small but perfectly formed.

We have fully embraced the advancements that technology has offered – speed, accuracy, information, ease of contact and the opportunity to keep up with the developing trends of the new generations. Twitter, Instagram, digital media!

However, as an older recruitment agency we also recognise the more negative impact of these changes. All of our competitors have access to our valued clients and candidates.  Our clients have access, via the vast array of different job boards, to our candidates.  Our candidates have access, via email, to our clients.  No longer do they simply rely on our knowledge of the marketplace – it’s all out there!

At Point we believe in the value we can add to the recruitment process despite these changes. The key is good old-fashioned people skills. 

We are extremely proud of our team.  Our experienced and REC qualified Consultants offer expertise in the Office, Industrial, Engineering, Manufacturing, HR, Finance and Hospitality sectors and have been handpicked over the years to look after our clients and candidates in the personal and professional way that has become expected of us. 

Each desk is complimented by a fantastic support team of administrators. We also have an on-site accounts manager who runs our entire payroll of temps internally. This is what makes us different as an older recruitment agency in Huntingdon.

Ongoing development is essential and all of our team are part of a continuous training programme to ensure we are up to date with current legislation and evolving trends.

Longevity of staff is rare today, especially in the recruitment industry. We are delighted to boast 2 employees who have worked for Point for 20 and 15 years.  Lisa Parsons joined Point in 1999 and Caroline Scott in 2005. This is a level of knowledge and experience that only an older recruitment agency can offer.

We still visit our clients and we understand that a depth of knowledge of their business is essential.  More than just the information that you find on their website – that “feeling” you get when you walk the floor with them and openly discuss what they can offer new recruits and the challenges they are experiencing in finding the talent they are looking for.

We still meet with all of our candidates to explore their skills and experience.  More than just the information on their CV’s – that “feeling” you get when you take the time and sit with them and openly discuss their dreams and desires for their future career and what they are looking for from a future employer.

Technology cannot replace gut instinct. It cannot replace intuition and pro-activity.  It cannot replace passion and emotion and it cannot replace the human element. Point Recruitment has built a 30 year reputation on offering all of these aspects in addition to local market knowledge and industry knowledge.

In August we will be celebrating our 30th year in business with many of our loyal clients and we would like to thank all the candidates and clients that have chosen to work with Point Recruitment over the years. 

Here’s to the next 30 years!