Reducing High Staff Turnover

A high staff turnover is not good for business. It affects your employees, your customers and the business as a whole. This can result in a loss of profits, reduced efficiency and lower productivity. It will also result in high costs for recruiting and training new employees.

In this post we share some ideas for reducing high staff turnover to the benefit of your business. Remember, if you want employees to stick around, you need to create somewhere they are happy, a job they like and a company they enjoy working for.

  • Invest In Recruitment

By investing in professional recruiters, you will be more likely to hire the right people in the first place. In turn, this will reduce your high turnover rates as you will have the right people for the job in place. For example, our recruitment consultants in Cambridgeshire will be able to tell candidates about the business and fulfil exactly what you need from an employee.

  • Create A Great Culture

A great company culture may feel like the latest buzz word, but it really is important to reducing high staff turnover. A great company culture creates a great atmosphere and high energy in the workplace. However, this has to come from the top and it will have a lot to do with employees being paid well, feeling valued and being offered great benefits. In turn, your great company culture will make employees want to stay.

  • Recognise Employees

If an employee has done a great job, recognise them for it. This could be as simple as an email thanking them or a pat on their back, right through to company awards or rewards such as afternoons off, meal vouchers and similar. When employees see others being appreciated and are appreciated themselves, they will feel like a valued member of them team and an important part of the company.

  • Be Open And Honest

It’s important to have an open and honest work environment. This will help employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns or worries. Employees will also feel able to offer ideas and improvement suggestions too. These ideas could help grow your business and better the levels of work productivity too.

If you are looking to recruit new staff into your team, call our team of recruitment consultants. They will be happy to help you reduce your high staff turnover levels and find the right candidates for your roles and the business.