Tell Employees You Want Them Back In The Office

Even now we are 2 years into the pandemic and ‘maybe’ seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, some businesses have had the last two years without seeing some of their employees within the office. This is because some people are still nervous about returning to the workplace. Meanwhile, others are not sure ‘why’ they should return.

There are lots of polls on LinkedIn all the time that ask if people want to continue working from home, working from the office, or a bit of both. In many of these polls, candidates are saying that they want a bit of both. However, this doesn’t stop the nervous candidates from feeling unsure.

As an employer it is your ole to gently encourage workers back to the office. You need to remember that some will be concerned about returning to the workplace. This means that you need to reassure your employees and give them a reason ‘why’ they should come back.

Some workers may see the return to the office as a punishment. They might see it as a way of keeping tabs on their work. Some workers might feel that you want them in the office because you don’t trust them at home. It’s important to state that this isn’t the case.

The first thing you need to do is ease the fears and worries of your employees. Talk to them about the measures you have put in place to ensure that the business is covid safe for everyone. Look for ways to support flexible working if your business can. This will confirm that you trust your employees, but you just want to see them too.

This is where you can talk about why you want them back. Explain the benefits of all being in the office. The fact that you have spontaneous collaboration and workflow is easier to manage too. Add that the knowledge of everyone in the team is needed for the success of the business. Don’t be afraid to say that you miss seeing your team each day and the benefits they individually bring to your business.

Make your employees feel special when telling employees, you want them back in the office. This is far more likely to have a better outcome. If you find that flexible working is possible, but you require more employees to make it work – give us a call. We can discuss the potential vacancies in your business and how these roles can be filled.