Temporary Work vs Permanent Work

Lots of people seeking work are torn between taking temporary work and permanent work. Permanent work is good to fill the gaps, earn extra money and gain new skills for the CV. But avoiding temporary work and holding out for permanent work instead can be better. Holding out for permanent work means that they can wait for the best job. This will help remove the fear that temporary work could make their CV look jumpy.

However, this really isn’t something you need to worry about. You just need to make sure it is clear on your CV that the roles were temporary. Talk about the skills you gained and knowledge you can bring to the permanent role due to the temporary work you have done.

Temporary Work Avoids a Gappy CV.

As long as you clearly identify that the temporary work was temporary. Then you avoid a CV with gaps, and a CV that can look jumpy. In our experience completely temporary works shows a job-seeker has the ability to adapt to different roles. Also that they can learn new things quickly. It also shows they are keen to work and reliable.

Temporary Works Gets Money.

When you become unemployed unexpectedly, or are in-between jobs, temporary work can be a great way to get money coming in each week. You will get your hourly wage pus holiday days add up, so you can be paid for having days off too. Temporary work helps fill a financial hole when you are job seeking.

Temporary Work Can Lead To Permanent Work.

There is often an employment opportunity known as Temp to Perm. These opportunities mean that you can experience the business and job role. The employer can also experience you in the business, then if you’re both happy it can lead to permanent work. This may be a temp-perm arrangement from the beginning. Or the employer may be so impressed with you that they choose to offer you a permanent role.

Temporary Work Allows You to Earn While Job Seeking.

While you are in temporary employment, you can still search for permanent jobs that suit your needs. By doing some temporary work you are earning money while looking for your dream job. We would ask that you commit to the length of your contract if you are on a temporary contract with a business. However, we understand that your dream job could arise at any time and we would support that.