The 2021 Job Market

As we come out of the pandemic and the world starts to return to normal, job seekers in Huntingdon find themselves in a unique position. For many people, the pandemic has been a chance to reassess their future and the work life balance they want. Some employees feel they were treated unfairly by their employers, while some are just ready for a change.

In this blog post we have put together some of the most common job roles that are searched for and the vacancies that are available in the 2021 job market. We also share some of the skills and things you need to be able to do to apply and gain jobs in these areas.

Online Shopping

During the lockdown many of us were forced towards the world of online shopping to protect ourselves and others. Many people have enjoyed this shift and online shopping continues to grow in popularity. This has meant there is a rise in picker and packer roles to work in warehouses and retail shops.

There has been a rise in warehouse-based roles too. Jobs like warehouse operatives and forklift truck drivers are extremely popular. Here at Point Recruitment, we have clients that are currently hiring for job roles in these areas. These roles play a huge role in supplying goods to supermarkets and essential retailers which is why our clients want to get the right employees for their business.

Essential Goods

There have been food shortages spoken about in the media, but with Brexit and the covid regulations, there are shortages in other areas too. We have clients looking for workers that can help keep the supply chain going. This has resulted in a growth of packing operative vacancies for job seekers that want to help get food and other essential items delivered safely to shops and other businesses on time.

We have seen a real growth in job stability within the food production industries too. Vacancies in bakeries, restaurants, hotels and food production factories are frequently available with our clients as demand grows for these products.

Why Not Work With A Recruitment Agency?

The job market is highly competitive these days. Working with a recruitment agency, as either an employer or job seeker will help you on your recruitment journey. It will give you the best chances at success when looking for a new job or candidates for your temporary or permanent job role.

Whether you are embarking on your new career or looking to grow your team, call our recruitment agents in Cambridgeshire. With over 30 years under our belts, we know we can help you.