The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Permanent Work

Temporary and permanent work are the 2 most common types of employment in the UK. Choosing if permanent or temporary work is better for you, depends on you and what you are looking for from work. In this blog post we share the advantages of permanent work. We also share the disadvantages of permanent work. This will help you make an informed decision when looking for your next job.

What Are The Advantages of Permanent Work?

Below we have listed just three of the advantages of permanent work in Cambridgeshire. Have a read and see what you think.

  1. A permanent job offers financial security and peace of mind. When you have permanent work, you know when you will be working so you can make plans around this. You also know how much you will earn each week or month and when you will get paid. This makes it easier to budget accordingly.
  2. Having a permanent job is proven to result in greater access to more career opportunities within the business. This is ideal if you are looking to climb the career ladder within one business.
  3. As a permanent worker within a business, you will feel more integrated within the team. You’ll be invited to social events and work parties. You will also receive the benefits that are given to permanent staff benefits as you are part of the success of the business.

What Are The Disadvantages of Permanent Work?

Just as with all things in life, there are pros and cons to permanent work. Below we have listed three of the disadvantages of permanent work in Huntingdon and surrounding areas. Have a read and see if temporary work could be a better option for you.

  1. When you have a permanent job, you may find that your work-life balance can become compromised. This is especially the case if you are required to work unsociable hours. A permanent job can impact commitments with friends and family if you don’t choose a permanent job with hours that suit you and outside commitments.
  2. If you don’t choose a permanent job that you love, you can feel like you are stuck in a rut. You may be doing the same commute, duties and hours each day. It can feel like you are just living for the weekends when you aren’t at work.
  3. When you are in a permanent job, you will also have to give more notice when you want to leave. It’s important to check the small print when you start a new job. Some employers will require a few weeks’ notice, while others will require 3-6 months’ notice.

Do you think that a permanent job could work for you? Check out the permanent jobs we currently have available or call our team about upcoming job vacancies.