The Anatomy of a Good Job Description

While it is a candidate driven market, it can be easy to presume that is the reason you aren’t attracting the right candidates to your vacancies. However, it could be the job description that is putting the candidates off. A bad job description could be all it takes to put a candidate off your vacancy or business. However a good job description could find you the exact candidate you want for your business.

Job Title

It is important that you are descriptive in your job title. Take the time to research what other businesses in the industry are using as job titles for the same role. Try and use the same broad and commonly searched titles as these will be the roles that suitable candidates are searching for.


Consider the layout of your job description. Check out how your job description looks on the jobsite via a computer and a mobile phone too. You need to ensure that your job description is laid out in a clean way that is easy to skim read and understand.

The Job Description

You need to ensure that your job description covers what the reader wants to know. Does it tell them if they’re working on their own or as part of team? Will the reader be able to clearly understand what their duties are each day and what a day at work will look like?

Be Social

The potential candidate will read the good job description and then want to check you out. They will do this by searching for you on popular social media platforms. Make sure your social media profiles for the business are complete and up-to date. Also ensure they are the right tone for your business and promoting your brand in the right way.

Now What?

Make sure there is a clear call to action. This should explain to the reader how to apply for the role and what they need to send you to apply. It needs to tell them what happens next and the timescales too. The aim of your call to action is to attract the right candidates, while deterring the wrong candidates. Bear this is mind when creating your call to action!

Don’t Forget

Just before you upload your job description for the world to see make sure you include 3 very important things. You need to clearly state the location of the interview and where they will be working. Make sure you give an idea of the salary they can expect, this will save time for both parties. Finally, include your company vales. This is what will help you stand out from other employers.

If you need help creating a good job description then give us a call. We would be only too happy to help you with your recruitment needs in Huntingdon.