The Benefits Of A Warehouse Job In Cambridgeshire

Are you looking for a new job in Cambridgeshire? Maybe you’re not sure of the sort of job you are looking for? Perhaps you have seen warehouse jobs in Cambridgeshire, but you’re not sure warehouse work is for you?

Here at Point Recruitment, we speak to a lot of candidates looking for a warehouse job in Cambridgeshire. There are lots of benefits to landing a warehouse job in Cambridgeshire. We have listed some of these many benefits below.

  • Flexibility

One of the most popular things about working in a warehouse is the flexibility. Hours in a warehouse often aren’t limited to 9am-5pm. Instead, you can choose the shifts that work around you, your family and your life. This could be early mornings, afternoons, evenings or even through the night. Warehouse jobs can also be seasonal, permanent, temporary, full time and part time. There really is a warehouse job and shift to suit everyone.

  • Consistency

One thing many workers hate about shift work, especially in the catering and hospitality industry, is that these shifts can change. However, when you have a job in a warehouse you can choose the shifts and days that work for you and stick to them. This will make it easier to plan things around your work, both social and personal things. There will often be overtime available too so you can put your name down for extra shifts as and when you want to.

  • Movement

If you hate the idea of being stuck at a desk all day, then warehouse work in Cambridgeshire could be ideal for you. This is a job in a place where there is lots of activity and movement. You might be printing off incoming orders at a desk one minute, then you may be picking and packing or counting stock. If you have a forklift license your role may involve carefully manoeuvring down aisles in the warehouse too. Working in a warehouse can certainly help keep you fit and active.

  • Independence

While the basic rules of employment and performance will apply, it’s up to you how you work. There is a measure of independence within warehouse work as you are working on your own. This means that you can create your own rhythm and style as you work. Follow your colleagues to see how they work, and then see which ways work best for you.

Warehouse workers have become more essential that ever before. As a warehouse worker you will be helping people across the world with the products they need. Want to know more? Call our recruitment consultants in Huntingdon. Think a warehouse job in Cambridgeshire could be ideal for you? Check out our latest vacancies here.