If you have been made redundant, are furloughed or finding you have a lot more time on your hands during lockdown, then why not consider upskilling?

There are some brilliant benefits of upskilling. We have listed some of the benefits below, but first we thought we would explain what upskilling is, in case you’re not sure.

What Is Upskilling?

The term ‘upskilling’ refers to learning new skills or improving on your current skills. Learning these new skills, or upskilling, will help open you up to new opportunities with your current employer, or in employment with another business. Upskilling can help bridge a gap in your CV or just taking your skills to that next level. Learning new skills can also help you boost your confidence and have a really positive impact on your mental health too.

What Are The Benefits Of Upskilling?

  • Improve Your Work

When you take time out to upskill you become more dedicated to and invested in what you do and the work you produce. The new skills you learn will help you produce a better quality of work and you may find new innovative ways to help the business too.

  • Improve Relationships

By upskilling and becoming more committed to the business your relationships with colleagues and managers will naturally improve. Those in senior positions will notice and recognise your efforts. You will also be able to help colleagues with your new skills. Alongside this, your personal relationships will improve because you will have a more positive mindset.

  • Improve You

You will be able to better understand yourself and your own goals. When learning new skills you’ll quickly see which parts of the job you enjoy and which you don’t. By understanding yourself and what you want, you will better be able to plan out your career path and career goals too.

  • Improve Your Future

By upskilling you are investing in your future. The lockdown has shown us all that nothing is guaranteed. If things were to change with your current job role, what would you do? By upskilling you are opening yourself up to new opportunities. Multi-skilled employees are extremely popular in this ever-changing world. The more skills you have, the more attractive you will be to a potential employer.

How To Upskill

There are a wide selection of free and paid-for courses online and via universities and colleges. Consider e-books, webinars, online training, podcasts and more. The Open University, Google Garage and MOOC are great places to look for potential upskilling opportunities.