The Best Time To Talk About Salary In Your Interview

Talking about salary in your interview always feels a little tricky. While most job adverts will include a salary range, this can often be quite wide. Normally, your salary offered will be based on the experience you have in the job role or industry. If you have been headhunted by the recruiter then you may be in a stronger position to command a higher rate of salary.

It’s important that you do discuss the salary. However, you need to think about when you talk about salary in your interview. If you mention it too soon then the employer may think you only care about the money and not the job. That said, if you leave it too late and the salary is too low then you will have wasted your time and the employer’s time.

You may get lucky and the employer mentions the salary early on. However, some may not mention it at all and use this as part of their interview / test process. They are seeing how you cope with awkward situations and the sort of employee you might be.

The great thing about working with a recruitment agency is that they can give you an idea of the salary to expect. Your recruitment consultant also knows the salary you are looking for. They will discuss any job opportunities they put you forward for and mention if the salary is lower or higher than you expected.

There is no ‘right time’ to talk about salary in your interview. You just need to see how the conversation is going. If there is a natural time for it to come up in conversation, then use this time.

The other option is to use that as one of your questions to end the interview. However, don’t use it as your only question. Maybe ask two questions about the business, why the last person left, potential career growth and so on. Then you can ask about the salary.

We recommend the second interview as a great time to discuss the salary in depth. This is especially the case if it hasn’t come up in natural conversation at the first interview. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, but at the same time, don’t over-negotiate. If you don’t tick all the employer’s boxes, then you won’t be offered the top end of the salary range. That doesn’t mean you can’t agree to work towards it though.

If you’re worried about an upcoming interview, give us a call. We can offer one to one interview training for our candidates to help you land your dream job.