The Consequences Of Interview Burn Out For Employers

The media often talks a lot about interview burn out for candidates, but it rarely looks are the consequences of interview burn out for employers. When searching for that dream candidate you can find yourself getting frustrated and stressed. This can result in you hiring an unsuitable candidate because you are desperate to get your time back and get rid of the stress.

However, there is another big consequence of interview burn out for employers. You can send out ‘bad manager’ warning signs to a possible perfect candidate. This can result in the perfect candidate turning down the job offer because they fear you are a bad manager.

It is very easy for your own frustrations and stressful habits to have a knock-on effect which can give the wrong impression of you and the company. You know you’re not a bad manager, but when you are experiencing the consequences of interview burn out as an employer, it is possible to come across as a bad manager.

In a job interview, the candidate is interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. They want to know if you are the right fit for them and if they will be happy working for you. This is often something that employers and interviewers forget.

Here are some of the things that you may do as a consequence of interview burn out:

  • Checking Your Emails

Due to the fact you are interviewing so many candidates you may be behind on work, so you are checking emails as they come through, or replying to texts. How would this make you feel if the candidate was doing the same? This is the impression you are giving them. Remember – they are interviewing you as well.

  • You’re Doing All The Talking

In your rush to get the interview finished so you can free up some time, you do all the talking and the interview feels rushed. By doing all the talking you can come across as self-absorbed. It also means you miss the chance to find out more about the candidate. How do you know if they fit with your company culture if you don’t give them a chance to speak?

  • Bad Word Choices

If you come across as stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed in your interview, due to words you use, this can give the candidate the wrong impression. Don’t make candidates feel like they need to walk on eggshells around you or they’ll turn the job down. Take a deep breath before entering the interview so they get to see the real you.

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