The Funniest Reasons for Calling in Sick

Research from CareerBuilder shows that 35% of workers admit to calling in sick in the last year, even when they felt well! Further to this, one in 10 workers admitted to doing so more than 3 times in the last year. 23% of workers said their reason for calling in sick was just because they didn’t feel like going into the office that day.

Interestingly only 14% of the people surveyed were caught out on sneaking a day off sick when they were not sick. However in other research, 38% of employers admitted to checking up on their workers that called in sick. Research found that 43% of these employers caught their employees out for faking being sick by looking at their social media posts!

Employees report that the top three reasons they call in sick is to attend to personal errands, to catch up on sleep or simply to have a nice relaxing day. Other reasons that employees call in sick include attending a child’s event at school, bad weather, making plans with friends, or attending a job interview elsewhere.

We had a quick look on Google for the funniest reasons for calling in sick and we have listed some of our favourites below for you to see;

  • An employee called in sick because they had ‘go lucky’ on a night out, and on waking up in the morning had no idea where they were.
  • One employee called in sick because she claimed she had accidently got on a plane.
  • Interestingly one employee called in sick, explaining that they couldn’t come to work that day as they had been to see a fortune teller. The fortune teller had told the employee not to step foot outside the house or they would suffer from a brain haemorrhage.
  • Another employee called in to say they would not be at work due to collecting their goods from a skip. Apparently his wife had found out he was cheating on her and put his stuff in a skip for him to collect it from.
  • One employee called in to sick to explain they had accidently eaten a tin of cat food, instead of a tin of tuna and was now extremely sick.
  • A female employee called in work sick because she was experiencing traumatic stress from the large spider she had found in her home. She felt she now had to stay at home to deal with this traumatic stress.
  • And what we think is the funniest reason for calling in sick. One employee claimed that their uniform had caught on fire when they put it in the microwave to dry it.

While we may be able to laugh at these funniest reasons for calling in sick, we also know at the time they are not funny. For many businesses, if one employee is off sick it can cause serious issues for the business. If you have concerns that an employee is perhaps not as ill as they claim and are often taking days off then perhaps you need to consider terminating their employment? You can then contact us to help you employ a new, more reliable candidate.

Alternatively if you are an employee and you’re using excuses like this to get out of work, perhaps you’re not in the right job? The right job should be something that you look forward to and enjoy spending time at, instead of getting out of.

Contact us now to help you find a job that you will really enjoy!