The Incredible Powers Of Temp to Perm

Here at Point Recruitment we know that hiring a new team member is a big step for many businesses, and it can be a very risky, expensive step too.

Of course you can use CVs and interviews to build up a picture of the candidate, and follow up on their references, but it can be tricky to tell how they will fit into your business and manage in the job role.

This is where the incredible powers of the temp to perm placement can really be of benefit to an employer and their business.

In some cases temp to perm placements are just not an option, but where they are possible, they are something that we would highly recommend.

So what is so great about the incredible powers of temp to perm?

Temp to Perm Removes the Burden

By using a recruitment agency, to hire a temp to perm candidate you are removing the burden of sifting through hundreds of CVs from candidates that may not be right for the job role or your position. If the candidate doesn’t work out for the job then you just need to call your recruitment consultant and they can provide a new suitable candidate for you.

Temp to Perm Gives Opportunities

For the candidate and you, as a business owner, you get the opportunity to see the job role suits the candidate and how the candidate fits in the business and the company culture. The candidate also gets a chance to understand the job role, how the business runs and the culture of the company. Then you can both decide if the job role and company fits the candidate before considering the opportunity of a permanent job.

Temp to Perm Encourages Diversity

The temp to perm recruitment process naturally lends itself to diversifying the workforce. You will have a more flexible approach to recruiting temporary talent and this could mean that you will offer permanent contracts to candidates you may not have considered previously. This, in turn, will bring a wealth of benefits to the business, your employees and your organisation.

If you are considering temp to perm recruitment opportunities in your business then why not contact us now. We will take the time to understand your needs, the needs of the business and the job specification to ensure that we find the right candidate for your organisation.