The Phrases You Should Use In Your CV

Did you know that on average a recruitment consultant gets around 250 CV’s for each job that they advertise?

Research also shows that employers will spend just 5-10 seconds glancing at a CV!

So bearing this in mind, how can you make your CV stand out from the crowd so you can ensure your CV is one of the 250 that the employer takes the time to read? These are the phrases you should use in your CV.

Transferable Skills

Employers love transferable skills, so by writing “I have transferable skills in…” you are giving the potential employer exactly what they want to see. You are making it easy for them to skim read your CV and quickly see the skills you have gained from previous job roles and how these can transfer into the job role you are applying for.


Many a CV starts with the introduction paragraph stating the applicant is ‘reliable’. Reliable is good and something that a potential employer wants to see. However, you need to tell the potential employer why you are reliable. I am reliable because, is an excellent way of stating you’re reliable and then you can back it up with evidence.


The person reading your CV wants to see the cold, hard facts of what you can do. When talking about a previous job state what you delivered for the previous employer. This could be profits you helped to build for a business, projects you have completed or something new that you bought to a business.

Management Experience

If you are applying for a role where you have managed people then give examples of where you have managed in the past. Say if you have managed or supervised a team and how many were in the team. This will show your potential employer that you have experience managing people and that you have good leadership and team skills.


A really good thing to include in your CV is that you are open to progression and opportunities. This tells the potential employer you are not just using them as a stop gap, or to get your foot up the ladder. Instead you are clearly stating you’re looking for a job where you can stay, improve within the business and help the organisation grow. This is a massive big tick in many employers’ books. Definitely one of those phrases you should use in your CV.

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