The Rise Of Rogue Employment Agencies

The events of 2020 created the perfect storm for the increase in fraudulent activity among criminals. One of these was rogue recruitment agencies. There was a real rise of rogue employment agencies late 2020 and still now in 2021. This rise of rogue recruitment agencies came through three main circumstances:

  1. There was a rise in the amount of people that were out of work and urgently seeking new employment.
  2. We saw a rise in the availability of legitimate and lucrative job opportunities.
  3. Lots of legitimate employment agencies and their activities saw disruption as they reacted to lockdown.

The sudden and significant changes in the way people applied for roles and were interviews, opened the door wide open for fraud in this area. Almost overnight potential applicants became victims of fraud.

These ‘recruitment agencies’ that applicants were being caught out by, were not recruitment agencies at all. They were just criminals pretending to have jobs available to start them scam on innocent people.

Common Types Of Fraud By Rogue Employment Agencies

We have put together some of the more common ways that fraudsters and scammers trick would-be applicants and employers, so you know what to look out for. The biggest red flag to know you’re dealing with a rogue recruitment agency is that they ask for a fee up-front. A professional recruitment agency will never request a fee from a candidate or employer upfront.

These are some other examples of fraud by these rogue recruiters:

  1. Employers are charged a deposit of a consultancy fee to list a job that never gets advertised.
  2. Candidates are charged a finder’s fee to be put forward for a job role that doesn’t exist.
  3. Spurious upfront charges are made for uniform deposits, CRB checks and transport costs, etc.

A charity called SAFERjobs offers support to individuals such as freelancers and contractors. They reported a rise in recruitment scams by two thirds in 2020. These scammers are still out there. Be careful.

Take your time to check out the recruitment agency, their office address, testimonials and experience. This will help you see if they are a real and reputable recruitment agency or a rogue employment agency ready to scam you.