The government is easing restrictions on the lockdown as we speak. While this is not something that will happen overnight, changes are happening. The workplace after lockdown is likely to be very different to the workplace we left before the coronavirus pandemic.

Here at Point Recruitment we believe that for many businesses, the workplace after lockdown is a workplace that will have changed forever. Below we have listed some ways in which we think the workplace will change when you return after lockdown.

  1. Flexible Working & Home Working

Research shows that around 44% of organisations plan to change their policies around flexible working. A further 19% of businesses expect to reduce their office size over time. This will be a really positive change for many employees that have been looking for a better work-life balance through flexible working. For many years the top factor when looking for a new job has been flexible working, along with salary.

  • Communication & Collaboration Tools

Many professionals have become experts at Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These are very much communication and collaboration tools of the future. What was new technology to many of us, has now become something that is regularly used by businesses and their teams all over the world. Research shows that 34% of businesses in the UK expect to keep these communication tools going forward. However, 18% of businesses expect to increase their investment in communication and collaboration technology.

  • Upskilling & Training

It is expected that employers will be offering more training on the technology they use to communicate and collaborate. However, there will also be some onus on the employee to learn these new technologies and be aware of updates. Each business will have preferred tools and technology. It is essential that employees are aware of the preferred technology and tools. The role of learning these tools it up to the employer as well as the employee themselves.

If you are an employee looking to take this opportunity to find a new role, contact us now. We would be happy to talk you through the job roles currently available and the best job roles for you.