If you’ve been unhappy in a job role for a while, then now could be a great time for you to look for a new job. You have more time at home and more time to find the right job for you. Businesses are still recruiting new candidates. Some are employing as we speak, while others are making sure the have an amazing team ready to go when the coronavirus outbreak ends.

So, in this blog post we thought we would share some tips for being interviewed virtually. Lots of companies are virtually interviewing candidates 1 to 1 and 1 to a team from the business. By following these tips for being interviewed virtually, you’ll be a step ahead the other candidates.

Check the Timing and Software

Make sure you check the time of the interview and the platform the meeting is taking place on. Check the platform being used for the interview and have it downloaded and ready. Sometimes downloads can take longer than you hoped and this can result in you ‘arriving’ late for the interview.

Practice the Technology

Use the platform to video call a friend. This will give you an informal chance to see how the platform works. However it also means you can check the sound of the video and the image too. You may find there is a glare when you sit by the window, but moving opposite the window gives you great lighting for your video.

Good Interview Manners

If you were going into an interview you would put your phone on silent, dress smartly and consider good body language too. This is the same when you are being interviewed virtually. These good interview manners still need to be remembered. The employer is making their first impressions of you. Make sure you give them the best possible first impression.

Practice Being Interviewed Virtually

Ask a friend or family member to do a virtual interview run through with you. Send them some commonly asked interview questions and practice them. Your pretend interviewer can then give you feedback on your interview, but also your body language and video tips too.

Being interviewed virtually will become more and more common overtime. By practising virtual interviews you’ll only get better and more confident too!