It is never nice when your best employees quit and leave your business. It can leave an unsettled feeling in the workplace. By understanding why employees leave businesses you can put plans of action into place to avoid these common reasons for leaving. This will help you reduce the risk of your best employees leaving your business.

Your Best Employees Quit Because They Can

It’s really as simple as that; your best employees will always have options to leave. To avoid this risk you need to keep your employees engaged in the business, find out what motivates them. Is it new challenges, money, responsibility, flexible working. Consider how you can keep your best employees engaged with your business.

Your Best Employees Quit If They Don’t Feel Heard

When an employee stops feeling part of the team, they don’t feel heard of valued and this is a common reason that employees start seeking employment elsewhere. Make sure you give praise and public recognition where deserved. Speak to employees that seem to be pulling back or slowing down, to discover the root cause.

Your Best Employees Quit When They’re Underutilised

Talent and core strengths can be overlooked and missed in larger businesses or in responsibility shuffles and this can leave employees feeling undervalued or underutilised. Consider ways to work with the team to achieve goals. This can help those employees show off their skills and talents.

Your Best Employees Leave Managers, Not Companies

Your job as a manager is to keep your employees happy. You can do this by getting to know them, what makes them tick. Give those employees challenges and opportunities that will help them thrive. A team of happy and engaged employees will work harder for your business. This will create a happier atmosphere for all.

Your Best Employees Quit When They’re Unchallenged

You will often hear candidates during an interview say that they are ‘looking for their next challenge’ and that is completely normal. Many employees don’t want to be doing the same job and the same tasks, day in and day out because it can become boring. Many employees like the opportunity to improve their position and income, in a positive environment where they are challenged.


These are just some of the many reasons that your best employees may leave your business and start looking for employment elsewhere. Can you use these tips and ideas to help ensure that your best employees stay with your business?