Everyone makes mistakes. After all, we are all human. However, by understanding the most common interview mistakes, you can reduce the risk of making them yourself. Instead, by understanding the most common interview mistakes, you know what to avoid, to help ensure you bag your dream job at the interview.

So, below we have listed the top ten most common interview mistakes made during an interview, seen in real interviews. These answers came from research into interviews. 2,000 bosses were involved in the research and these were the top ten most common interview mistakes that they had seen in their interviews with potential employees.

10. The candidate over-explaining why they left their last job.

9. A clear impression that the candidate is not over their last job or the bad terms in which they left the job.

8. The candidate lacked a sense of humour, warmth or any personality during the interview.

7. The candidate didn’t show any interest in the company or enthusiasm for the job role.

6. It was clear that the candidate had done or very minimal research into the potential employer and the company.

5. The candidate concentrated too much on what they wanted from the job role, instead of explaining what they could bring to the company.

4. The candidate was trying to be a jack of all trades, all things to all people. It would have been better if the candidate spoke more about their specialisms as opposed to everything that they ‘could’ do.

3. It was felt that the candidate was just winging the interview and had not prepared at all.

2. The candidate didn’t say or do anything that set them apart from the other candidates. Instead they just blended in and were easily forgotten.

1. The most common interview mistake, as stated by real bosses with real interview experience, was that the candidate failed to ask for the job.

As you can see from these answers and some of the points raised in our previous blog about nonverbal interview mistakes, positivity, confidence, personality and preparation are key. Need help finding your next job? Call our team or check out our current vacancies on the website.