There are a few mistakes that lots of candidates make when they are writing their CVs. These are very common mistakes. However, these are often mistakes which can cost you that job interview and dream job that you are desperate to land. In this blog post we share what not to do when writing your CV. This should help you avoid making those mistakes and help you bag the interview for the job of your dreams.

Not Checking Resources

Not looking online for resources is a huge mistake that some candidates make. Resources are so readily available, so make the most of them. We have some great resources and CV tips here for example. They are all free and have been created to help you get your CV right so you can get the job.

Over Confidence

Confidence is good, over confidence is bad. Try and avoid cocky language or language that could come across as cocky. This is often seen as negative. You also need to remember that candidates with many more years’ experience may also be applying for the same role. Be humble and informative in your CV. That way the potential employer will see that you are the right fit for their business.

Bad Formatting

Your CV needs to be formatted and laid out well. Make sure it is easy to read, simple to understand and consistent in the way it is laid out. If you use bullet points for one job role, then use bullet points for all your job roles. You may want your CV to stand out and be different, but if you opt for a quirky lay out or funky format you could end up with a CV that is hard to read or understand. This will risk your chances of getting to the next stage. Make sure your CV isn’t a wall of text, use subheadings to lay it out and make it easy to skim.

White Lies

Many people writing their CVs will embellish their skills here or boost their experience there. However, you need to be careful that you are not outright lying in your CV. Your potential employer will do a background check on you. They may also ask questions in your interview to check what you say in your CV is true. If you claim to speak a foreign language fluently – make sure you do speak thar language fluently.

Contact Information

Relying on the fact that you emailed the CV, so the potential employer has your contact details is a big mistake. The first header of your CV needs to clearly state your full name, your address, your contact number and your email address. This section needs to be very clear and easy to find. Visibility is essential because if the person reading your CV likes what they see, they want to see how they can contact you easily and quickly.

These are just some of the more common mistakes that people make when writing their CVs. If you’d like to know more, just give our recruiters in Huntingdon a call.