January is a time of change for lots of people. Lots of people set themselves new years resolutions as the new year begins. In some cases, this is a new job for the new year. However, there are things to consider before jumping into a new job in the new year.

If you are looking to change career, move up the career ladder or even change direction, our Huntingdon recruitment consultants are more than happy to help. However, there are some things we would recommend you consider before jumping into a new job in the new year.

Have a think about these following questions before you start your job hunting.

  • Why Do You Want To Change Jobs?

What are the reasons you want to change jobs? Do you feel like you don’t get paid enough? Perhaps you feel there is no room for growth? Maybe you don’t feel challenged in your current role? These are all really good reasons to want a new job in the new year. However, you need to know why you want to leave your current job, so you know what you’re looking for in your new job.

  • What Are Your Transferable Skills?

Employers will look at CVs and find a candidate that has the skills they need in their business. Take some time out to write a list of skills that you have. Skills that will be useful to a potential employer. Make sure these skills are listed or included in your CV. Think about the skills you have picked up through volunteering or hobbies too. For example, if you volunteered at a charity shop you have cash handling skills. If you are a Brownie Leader in your spare time you have a great set of skills, there too.

  • What Jobs Can You Realistically Apply For?

If your dream job is becoming a brain surgeon or flying a spaceship, but you’ve spent the last 35 years in a customer service role, you may not have the right skills. You need to think about the sort of jobs you would like and which kind of industry you would like to work in. While it may be too late to become a brain surgeon, there may be roles within that industry that could be ideal for you. Think about the jobs that you can realistically apply for. Be confident in making these decisions but be realistic too.

Once you have considered these questions you are ready to jump into a new job in the new year. Contact our team of friendly recruitment consultants in Huntingdon. We can help you find the right job for you and get your career moving the right way.