What To DO When Starting Your New Job

We all know that your first day in a new job can be a scary experience. It can take you a while to understand the lay of the land. You have to get used to the atmosphere in the office and the social etiquette, all alongside learning your new job and how they do things in this company.

As experienced recruitment consultants in Huntingdon we know how hard it can be starting a new job, so we have put together some simple things you can do, to help your first day in a new job go as well as possible.

Do Add Colleagues before Starting

Pop onto Linkedin and search for the company name of the job you are starting. Start connecting with other people at this company, especially people in your team. This will help give you a head start of who they are, and their posts on social media will help you learn about them too. This will make your first day that little bit easier for you and the team.

Do Your Research

When you speak to the employer or recruitment agent before you start, check uniform, lunch breaks, start times and similar things. This means you know what time you need to be there on your first day, if you need to take lunch with you and what time you can expect to leave. This will give you a feeling that you’re prepared which will help with your confidence on your first day.

Do Engage Online

Track down your new employer on social media platforms. Follow and like the business page and start engaging with their posts. By checking on what the business (your new employer) is posting, you will be able to learn more about the company culture. You may also be able to give them advice on their social media presence too. They may share photos of the office or the team too, which means you’ll get a better idea of what to expect.

Do Present Well

First impressions count. While you may have already been offered the job, your new colleagues will be making an impression of you on your first day too. Make sure you arrive at work on your first day freshly washed, in clean and presentable clothes. Give yourself the time you need in the morning to get ready and arrive at work looking, and feeling, ready for the day.

Do Speak Out

If you are asked for your opinion then give it. It is normal to feel shy, but you have been employed because of you. Your new boss wants to hear what you think of the business or your first few days. They want to hear your suggestions and ideas for the business. This will show real drive and determination on your part, which will really help you going forward.

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