The lockdown regulations change. More and more people are being allowed back to work. But, how do you decide which employees to bring back to the office and which to keep working remotely? The real question is; who are the great remote workers in your team?

You will have employees that have simply thrived working remotely. However, there will be other employees that have really struggled during this time. They may miss the team atmosphere, have a busy household or just struggle not being in the office.

In this blog post we look at what makes a great remote worker. We hope this will help you spot the great remote workers in your team. In turn this will help you decide which employees need to return to the office as soon as possible and which may never need to return to the office as they’re doing a great job at home.


Just as you would in the office, look at your employees’ performance. Look at how they are getting on at home and how this compares to their performance when they were office based. If they are achieving a better level of performance at home, then they are great remote workers for your business.

Learning & Progression

You will have some employees that have a natural desire to learn. During lockdown they have take the opportunity to complete online learning and boost their skills. Employees that have a natural desire to learn and improve will often be great remote workers in your team.


Those employees that don’t need your motivation but are self-motivated will be excellent remote workers. With so many distractions in the everyday home, it is essential that remote workers are self-motivated. They need to be able to focus on what needs to be done and get it completed.


Communication in the workplace is different when you are working remotely. A great remote workers needs to be able to communicate clearly via email, phone, zoom and more. The body language an employee may use face to face to aid their communication is lost when they are working remotely.


Remote workers need to be proactive. There will be changes, especially as we are all trying to make out way through the new world of work. A good remote worker will be proactive in creating additional work for themselves to support the business. They will also find ways to support the team and ask for help if they need it.


This is potentially the most important part of a great remote worker in your team. They will need to be dependable. You need to know that no matter what, your employee can meet that deadline and if they can’t, they have given you plenty of notice.

The world of work is changing. Some employers will choose to bring remote workers back into the office and the employees will find they actually preferred working from home. Make sure you take the time to talk to your team about the decisions you are making and the upcoming decisions you will need to make. By being open and honest you will gain trust and loyalty from your team.

If you find you vacancies you need to fill in the workplace or for remote workers; call our team. We can help find the right employees to suit your business needs and values.