Why Do Candidates Choose A Recruitment Agency?

We have lots of candidates that come into our high street recruitment agency in Huntingdon. They have either seen a job advert in the window that they like, were passing by or have heard of us from the (almost) 25 years that we have been running, from the same office.

It got us thinking, why do candidates choose a recruitment agency?

We then came across some research by Agency Central who completed a survey on this very question. They asked 100 job seekers “Why Do Candidates Choose A Recruitment Agency?” and this is what they found;

  • 42% of job seekers choose to use a recruitment agency because they feel that they have the right industry connections.
  • 25% of job seekers use a recruitment agency because they want to connect with a ‘real person’ that will be able to help them in finding their next job.
  • 23% of job seekers stated that they use a recruitment agency to find their next job because it is a quicker way of getting a job than via the alternative options.
  • 4% of job seekers said that they prefer to use a recruitment agency due to the value added services that a recruitment consultant will offer them.
  • Meanwhile 6% gave and ‘other’ responses to the reasons that they think candidates choose a recruitment agency.

What does this tell you as a business owner or hiring manager that is looking to recruit new employees into your business?

These results show that, for different reasons, some candidates prefer to use a recruitment agency instead of applying directly with a company. This means that if you are not using a recruitment agency to help you fill your vacancies you could be missing out on the right candidates.

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