Why Do You Want A Career In Marketing?

There are loads of jobs, industries and careers out there. But what is it that means a career in marketing jumps out at you?

It’s a great career if you are looking for an industry that is fun, challenging and creative. A career in marketing certainly means that no two days are the same. However the marketing industry is a competitive market to try and enter which can make it a dream job for many candidates, but not quite a reality.

However, if you can demonstrate a real passion for marketing and a strong desire to work in the marketing industry. You will stand out to a recruiter looking to find a candidate for a marketing role for their client.

If you have an interview with a recruiter or potential employer for a marketing job then have a look at the questions below to prepare yourself for the interview. If they don’t ask the questions then push their expectations of you by finding ways to include these points in your interview.

  • What marketing blogs do you like to read / how did you come across them / why do you like reading them?

This shows you have a real interest in the industry, want to stay ahead of the trends and watch out for changes and latest news.

  • Why do you want a career in marketing?

Talk about what stands out to you in the industry, what you think you have experience of, what in the industry you think you have talent for and what skills you hope to gain through a career in marketing.

  • Which brands’ marketing do you admire?

Try and give an example of a current and older marketing campaign for a brand, talk about why you think it worked, why it stuck in your mind and what you think makes a good marketing campaign for a brand.

  • How would you improve our marketing?

This is like the traditional interview question ‘what do you know about our business’. The interviewer wants to know that you have researched the company and know about the people you are applying to work for. They also want to know what you can bring to the table and the sorts of ideas you have.


If you want a career in marketing these tips will help you. But remember – many roles will include parts of marketing, so you could do a marketing job in any industry!