Many of us look for the perfect permanent job role. However, at the moment the perfect permanent job role might not be out there. Circumstances are changes quickly and jobs are being lost and created all the time. This is an uncertain time for many businesses. It’s meant that many have changed the way that why recruit. While you may not be looking for a temporary job, it could be the right option for now.

In this blog we look at; Why Should I Temp?

What Is Temp Work?

Temporary work is also known as freelancing, dependent on the job roles, industry and way you are employed. Temping means engaging in a short or specific term contract. Temp work can be found across various industries and most job roles.

What Are The Benefits To Temp Work; Why Should I Temp?

  • Temp work offers flexibility. This means you can give shorter notice if you found the job of your dreams elsewhere, while temping.
  • You can gain new skills through temp work. If you have a skills gap on your CV, temp work could be the perfect solution. It can also give you industry experience that could help in a future interview.
  • There is often the chance for temporary contracts to become permanent roles. While this is not guaranteed, some companies will be able to create a role for you within the business if they like what they see.
  • Weekly pay is a huge benefit of temp work. This is especially the case if you have found yourself out of work and have bills that need paying quickly.

Why Companies Want Temps

There are lots of reasons that companies take on temporary workers. Sometimes they are considering permanent workers but want to have a trial to see if a permanent role within the business is required. The business may have seasonal rushes or increased busy periods where extra staff members are required. Some businesses will use temp workers to cover for long term sickness, maternity leave or even holidays. If a business is running on minimal staff members and they can in sick, sometimes they will need a temporary worker at short notice.

If you are looking for a permanent job in Cambridgeshire, but open to temporary work in the meantime, we would love to hear from you. Temporary work, just like permanent work, can be different hours, days and work patterns. We can fit temporary work in Cambridgeshire around you, while helping you land your dream permanent job role.