Your Greatest Strength Interview Hacks

Interviews can be a really nerve-wracking time for many candidates. Some candidates will be filled with self-doubt before entering the interview. They talk themselves out of the job, reassuring themselves that they’re not good enough for the job or not the right fir for the company. However, the fact that you have an interview says that your recruitment consultant and the potential employer have seen something in you.

In your interview you will be asked questions around your weaknesses. If you have gone into the interview feeling down on yourself, then it can be tricky to answer these questions in a more positive light. In this blog post we have put together interview hacks to make your greatest weaknesses your greatest strengths.

  • The first thing you need to do when preparing for your interview is to evaluate any possible shortcomings that you might have. Pop them down in a list on a sheet of paper. Include any past weaknesses and some current weaknesses too.
  • Now go through the list and chose two to three weaknesses. These should be weaknesses that have either been improved or ones that you can put a positive spin on. Think about how you will talk about them in a positive light. Plan out how to explain how or why these weaknesses will not affect your ability to perform your job well.
  • Use your weaknesses to stand out. Instead of saying you are a perfectionist that can seen negative, say you are detail orientated. This comes across in a much more positive light. Think about and practice other unique ways you can share your weaknesses in a more positive way.
  • We’ve used the words a few times, but practice and preparation are key to a successful interview. As a friend if they can pretend to interview you as a great opportunity to practice. Keep practicing until you are able to answer all questions in an easy and natural way.

If you are job hunting in Huntingdon and need some interview help, check out our interview tips here, or call our friendly team of recruiters.